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Purchasing a vehicle is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, second only to the purchase of your home. But for most of us, the joy of buying a new car usually is tempered by the stress and fear of the in-person price negotiation at the dealership. We all want to pay a fair price – but the reality is that the only way to get it is through face-to-face negotiation with a car salesman. It’s not a huge problem if you are a great negotiator. But is it a life skill you should spend time to master, just because you buy new car every 4-5 years? Isn’t it better to spend that time on something more valuable to you? For those of you whose answer is Yes, we created VinDeals.

The current car-buying process has been developing for decades. Unfortunately, it can’t be changed in one click. VinDeals is a first step that can make the process – even with all its existing flaws – less stressful and more enjoyable for both parties in a car sale. Yes, you heard it right. Because it’s not only buyers who suffer from the existing process. Some of the salespeople do, too.

We believe the biggest problem in the existing car buying process is lack of trust. That’s normal. In a car-buying situation, neither party trusts each other from the first second, and that dramatically affects the entire process. The salesperson is afraid to give you his very best price, because he doesn’t have any guarantee you’ll buy the car from him. Nothing is stopping you from going somewhere else to compare the price you’ve got from him, so salespeople always want a commitment from you to buy right now. On the other hand, you can’t promise the salesperson anything. How can you be sure their price is the best one in the market? So we have this dead end that causes stress and trouble for anyone who isn’t an expert price negotiator. Both sides want the other side to take the first step.

VinDeals is the only online environment where both sides involved in the car-buying process can take their first step, without being afraid the other side will take advantage of them. VinDeals is the perfect place for buyers who dislike in-person negotiations but who are serious about buying a car, and salespeople who are unafraid of price competition.

VinDeals is based on two things – honesty and transparency. On our website, you can learn how VinDeals works for both Car Buyers and Car Salespeople. We have nothing to hide. And we expect the same from you, no matter if you have chosen VinDeals to buy or sell a car.

We truly believe that “win-win” situations are possible. Even in the car-buying process.


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