How do the “check-ins” work? If I don’t use all the check-ins included in a given month, do they roll over to the following month?

– A “Check-In” is a Day Pass. Daily check-ins provides a certain number of days of access to our Launch location(s) and does not relate to a specific room within the location. A daily check-in allowance is consumed by members registering a check-in through the app. A members check-in lets us know you’ve arrived for the day and can use any of the common facilities (no desk booking required). If your plan includes for example “4 Check-ins” (as seen in our Hot Desk Membership), that allows you to enjoy Launch 4 days per month. Unused Check-Ins do not roll over to the next month.

Can be on more than one membership at a time?

– Absolutely! Most members who are on an Individual Flex Membership combine with either a Virtual or Mailing Address. Another popular combination is our Hot Desk Membership (4 days out of the month M-F) and our Weekender Membership (8 weekend days out of the month) so that the member has access during the week and on the weekend!

Can I bring Guest(s)?

-We love Guests! Feel free to bring your friend or colleague to spend the day with you. If they come frequently, we expect them to either join your membership or start on a plan of their own.

What will I have access to once I join?

-Once you join Launch (starting at $19/month) you will have access to all three of our Locations: Launch Exchange,  Launch Southside , and Launch Downtown (Coming Soon) , Access to all common areas and spaces including booths, flex desks, creative spaces & more. You’ll be immersed in a fun, collaborative and accepting community of like minded entrepreneurs that constantly help one another in reaching their goals.

How do I sign up my whole team?

We have multiple options for Teams. Choose from either our Team 75, Team 50, Team 25 which allow for shared usage of up to 15 Team Members, 75 Check-Ins and 6 hours in our Meeting/Conference Rooms. Another option is our Team Pooling which allow for shared usage of up to 16 Team Members on any of our plans.

What is your cancellation policy?

We don’t have many members cancel, and when we do its most likely because they have graduated into a larger space! If cancellation is requested, we ask 30 days termination notice per team member (if in a team) for Individual Flex Memberships. For Offices and Virtual/Mailing Address Memberships, we ask for 6 months termination notice.

Can I preview a location before I commit?

Yes! You can take a Free On-Site Tour at any of our three locations, or discuss your requirements with us online on a Free Google Meet Call.


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