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Keeping an Eye on the Horizon

Looking out the window of our Southside location I can barely see the building across the street. Which as many of you know, on a typical cool and crisp January day in Winnipeg, often yields a clear line of sight to downtown and beyond. I realize the fog today is simply a coincidence, but it sure feels symbolic of the last 10 months (especially the last 2 months in code Red). 

Sustaining a business where our value is driven entirely by the in-person connection offered by our spaces has without a doubt been difficult during a pandemic with restriction on human interaction. Community, collaboration, and collective wisdom is something that cannot be picked up curbside.  Despite the promise of virtual, it just doesn’t have nor does it hold the same inspirational effect. As I began my planning for 2021 over a month ago the short term reality of our business model was void of an obvious and sustainable pandemic “pivot”. What were once spaces a buzz with activity are now eerily quiet.  

Fortunately our membership is loyal, believe in the value we offer, and want to return when the health restrictions and corporate policies permit regular in person connection again. It’s our loyal members that have both kept our business a-float and my optimism of the future at least half full, but I do want thank thank Mayor Brian Bowman who’s personal letter was timely. It reminded me of the opportunity on the other side. The opportunity that I had been striving for. The reality that in person connection is going to be valued more then ever and that remote work is here to stay. This small gesture pulled me out of the fog today and as a business community we need more reminders to keep an eye on the horizon, no matter if one can only see across the street. 

So, I ask you today that when the fog does lift from this pandemic and when you need the agility of an on demand office, workspace, meeting or event venue that you remember that your local small business provider is Launch Coworking.

Yours in Coworking,

Jason Abbott
Founder & CEO


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